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Veterinary Drug Dose Calculator

NOTE: Please follow the mentioned units along each field.

This Veterinary Drug Dose Calculator by IVB is a powerful tool designed to help veterinarians and pet owners accurately and quickly calculate the correct doses of drugs for their animals. The drug dose calculator considers the animal’s weight, the available drug concentration or composition, and recommended dose rate, providing clear and accurate injectable dosage recommendations in milliliters (ml). With this convenient and easy-to-use tool, veterinarians, and pet caretakers can confidently administer the correct dose of medication for their pet’s health and safety.

For example, a cat named Xamp is admitted. She weighs around 30 kg and requires an injection of a solution having 7.5% drug in it. The standard dose of the drug is 10mg/kg. Calculate the total volume of the dose that needs to be administered.

  • Body weight =30 kg
  • 7.5% drug in solution = 75mg in 1ml
  • Dose Rate = 10 mg/kg
  • Body weight multiplied by Dose rate = (30 x 10) = 300mg
  • Total mg divided by mg in solution = 300/75 = 4ml

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