Why are quizzes so important?

Quizzes are a smart way of learning. Veterinary quizzes are like fun games for students and they replace the traditional ways of learning. They help students to practice existing knowledge and to evaluate themselves. They are also a source of getting new knowledge and stimulating the interest of students to learn the new subject matter.

If you are a veterinary student and you are motivated to revise your knowledge then you are in right place.
Here we have a list of veterinary quizzes, categorized according to subjects of DVM.

Get started & Enjoy your time!

1. Veterinary Anatomy, Histology, & Physiology Quiz

2. Veterinary Pharmacology (General & Systemic Pharmacology | Chemotherapy | Toxicology)

3. Veterinary Microbiology (Virology | Molecular biology | Bacteriology | Mycology)

4. Animal Nutrition ( Forage Conservation | Feed resources | Digestion & Metabolism)

5. Animal Breeding & Genetics

6. Theriogenology (Reproductive Physiology | Obstetrics & Genital diseases | Reproductive Biotechnology)

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