PPSC Past Paper For the Veterinary Officer Exam

The paper for Veterinary Officer (VO) ship comprises 2 portions. 80 MCQs are included from the Veterinary Subjects while the remaining 20 MCQs are from General Knowledge (Pak studies, Islamiyat, Geography, English, Current knowledge, etc). This PPSC Past Paper for the veterinary officer exam will be helpful for you to understand and get a basic idea about the questions of the test and its difficulty level. Old papers of the PPSC veterinary officer exam are always of much importance as they prepare a candidate for the live exam scenario. So, get started and get the idea of a real exam.

Part 1- PPSC Past Paper For the Veterinary Officer

1- Bacillary White diarrhea in poultry is caused by:
a) Salmonella Pullorum b) S. Typhimurium c) Mycobacterium d) none

2- Crude Protein % in the feed fed to broilers during the first 3 weeks is:
a) 19% b)16% c) 21% d) none

3- Khaki Campbell is the famous breed of:
a) Quails b) Turkey c) ducks d) chicken

4- Black circles around the eyes are the characteristic feature of which breed of sheep?
a) Sipli b) Beetal c) Kajli d) none

5- Theileriosis is the most prevalent disease in:
a) Sahiwal cattle b) Holstein c) Red Sindhi d) Buffalo

6- Clindamycin is the drug of choice for:
a) Brucellosis b) Listeriosis c) Toxoplasmosis d) None

7- This is the study of the relationship between Humans and animals and their effects on each other:
a) Anthroarcheology b) Anthrozoology c) Anthropology d) None

8- Anthropology is the study of:
a) Human beings b) animals c) Community d) All

9- Limestone is the source of:
a) Potassium b) Calcium c) Magnesium d) Chlorine

10- Which drug is readily excreted from the biliary duct and liver?
a) Furosemide b) Oxytetracycline c) Gentamycin d) All

11- Which of the following drugs are bactericidal?
a) Erythromycin b) Gentamycin C) Tetracycline d) All of these

12- Endocitadil drugs include:
a) levamisole b) ivermectin c) Pyrental d) All of these

13- Which sinus is present in ox but absent in sheep?
a) palatine sinus b) orbital sinus c) nasal sinus d) sphenoid sinus

14- Estradiol impacts annual cyclicity, So:
a) Cow is polyestrous b) Mare is short day breeder c) Ewes are day-long breeder d) Dog is mono-ovulatory

15- Nerve block used for routine examination of the eye:
a) Infra orbital b) Mental c) Retro bulbar d) Auriculopalpebral

16- Which are the cells of cartilage?
a) Chondrocytes b) osteocytes c) Pericytes d) All of these

17- Which is absent in the large intestine of cattle?
a) Glands b) Villi c) Capillaries d) None of these

18- Arthropods draw in oxygen through holes in their bodies known as:
a) spiracles b) ostia c) ——- d) None

19- Translation occurs in which part of the cell?
a) Nucleus b) Ribosomes c) Lysosomes d) Golgi bodies

20- Steroid hormone which takes part in most physiologic functions:
a) estrogen b) FSH c) Testosterone d) None

21- Most important test to check kidney function?
a) Blood Urea Nitrogen b) Urea c) serum potassium d) serum creatinine

22- Which disease poses a zoonotic threat:
a) IB b) Chicken Infectious Anemia c) ND d) None

23- Microscope used for the examination of sperms?
a) Phase contrast b) Dark field c) Electron Microscope d) None

24- Which method is used for the diagnosis of lungworms?
a) Baermann technique b) floatation method
c) sedimentation method d) none

25- Split leg posture in poultry is seen in which disease?
a) Lyphoid lukosis b) Infectious Bursal disease c) Bumble foot d) Marek’s

Part 2- PPSC Past Paper For the Veterinary Officer

26- Fishes swim in water due to:
a) Air sacs b) Fins c) Gills d) None

27- Which fluid flows in the lymphatic system?
a) blood b) lymph c) ——- d) None

28- Watery straw-colored fluid filled with inflammatory cells is:
a) Fibrinous b) serous c) purulent d) None

29- The response of live body tissue to injury is called:
a) Infestation b) inflammation c) infection d) Necrosis

30- In Mendel’s law, the Phenotypic ratio after F1 generation is:
a) 3:1 b) 1:2:1 c) 9:3:3:1 d) None

31- The amount of water required by cattle to produce 1 kg of milk is:
a) 1-1.5-liter b) 2-2.5-liter c) 3-3.5-liter d) 4-4.5-liter

32- Who gave the germ theory of disease?
a) Robert Koch (in 1876 proved and formulated) b) Edward jenner
c) Louis Pasteur (in 1860s gave initial Germ theory) d) None

33- Who is known as the father of Microbiology?
a) Robert Koch b) AV Leeuwenhoek c) Louis Pasteur (Modern) d) None

34- Cumulus Oophorus is:
a) primary follicle b) secondary follicle c) tertiary follicle d) Graafian follicle

35- Synthesis of DNA from RNA to cDNA is done by:
a) DNA synthatase b) Reverse Transcriptase c) DNA Polymerase d) DNA convertase

36- Urogenital sinus in females is developed into:
a) vagina b) cervix c) liver d) kidney

37- Most reliable method of sexing in birds is:
a) Rapid and Low feathering b) beak c) combs d) examination of rudimentary testes of the male through the cloaca

38- Epithelium of stomach, gall bladder and other major GI portions is:
a) simple columnar b) stratified squamous c) simple cuboidal d) None

39- For Radiography, barium Sulphate is used for outlining:
a) alimentary tract b) Trachea c) Abdominal cavity d) None

40- Goitrogens are anti-nutritional factors found in poultry feed affect which organ?
a) Liver b) kidney c) Thyroid d) Heart

41- Ascites is caused by:
a) Glomerulonephritis b) Left-sided heart failure c) right-sided heart failure d) None

42- Total number of vertebrae in cattle: (Formula is C7 T13 L6 S5 Cy15-25)
a) 29 b) 27 c) 31 (it is right if coccygeal excluded) d) 35 (It is close to right & right is 46-55)

43- Marecha is a breed of :
a) cattle b) camel c) Horse d) Sheep

44- Gossypol is the Anti-nutritional factor present in:
a) Sorghum b) Soya bean c) cotton seed meal d) Ground nut cake

45– Most common feed grain in Pakistan:
a) Maize b) Corn c) Sorghum d) Wheat

46– What is the method of Comb removal in birds?
a) Debeaking b) Disbudding c) Dubbing d) None

47- Deficiency of which vitamin cause delayed blood clotting?
a) Vitamin k b) Vitamin c c) vitamin A d) None

48– Pyridoxine is the name of:
a) Vitamin B6 b) Vitamin A c) vitamin D d) vitamin B2

49– Rancidity is the most common issue in which feedstuff?
a) Wheat b) Maize c) Corn d) rice polish

50- In birds, the ovum stays for 15 minutes in which part of the reproductive tract?
a) Infundibulum b) magnum c) Isthmus d) vagina

Part 3- PPSC Past Paper For the VO Exam

51- The type of burn in which not only the skin but also the serosal layer and other internal structures are damaged is:
a) 1st degree burn b) 2nd degree burn c) 3rd degree burn d) 4th degree burn

52- Rigor mortis in animals starts after—–hours of death
a) 2-4 b) 4-6 c) 6-8 d) 8-12

53- Standing heat in cattle lasts for about hours:
a) 2-4 b) 4-6 c) 6-12 d) 48

54- Eggshell membrane is secreted by:
a) Isthmus b) magnum c) Uterus d) None

55- Incubation period of pigeon eggs:
a) 17 days b) 19 days c) 21 days d) none

56- Epsom salt is:
a) Purgative b) Adsorbant c) Antidiarrheal d) None

57- Sample was taken from the dam for testing after abortion/parturition:
a) cotyledon and adrenals b) liver and placenta c) caruncle and placenta d) thyroid and caruncle

58- Trichomoniasis causes:
a) macerated fetus b) Mummified fetus c) Retained placenta d) None

59- Interferons-1 proteins protect the body against:
a) viruses b) bacteria c) infections d) parasitic infection

60- Recommended dose rate of xylazine in dogs:
a) 0.025 – 0.1mg/kg b) 0.5 -1 mg/kg c) 1-2 mg/kg d) None

61- The amount of Adenine in sheep is than that of Thymine:
a) Greater than b) Lesser c) equal as thymine d) None

62- Fibroblasts form :
a) Adipose tissues b) collagen c)—— d) none

63- First Aid in acute injury:
a) Ice packs on site b) rubbing c) warmth d) rubbing and warmth

64- Which of the following is not included in Animal freedoms:
a) Freedom from hunger & thirst b) Freedom from disease and injury c) Freedom from pain d) Freedom from food and water

65- Omeprazole mechanism of action:
a) CAMP b) Proton pump inhibitor c) —- d) None

66 علامہ اقبال نے پی ایچ ڈی کی ڈگری کس ملک سے حاصل کی؟
a) انگلینڈ b) جرمنی c) فرانس d) ان میں سے کوئ نہیں

67- The number of referees present in the ground during a football game are:
a) 4 b) 5 c)1 d) 2

68- Quaid-e-Azam resigned in 1920 because of:
a) Rowlett Act b) Jalianwala bagh massacre c)——- d) he did not resign

69- Pakistani social activist Dr. Ruth Pfau belonged to:
a) England b) Germany c) France D) Denmark

70- If the price of 5kg tomatoes is 300. Then how many tomatoes will be purchased for 30 Rs?
a) 1 kg b) 2 kg c) 0.5 kg d) None

71- Total number of students is 165, 275, and 330 in 3 classes respectively. If an equal number of students sit in buses, then how many will sit in one bus?
a) 25 b) 35 c) 45 d) 55

72- Pakistan bought Gwadar from Oman in:
a) 1947 b) 1951 c) 1958 d) 1961

73- OIC refers to:
a) Organization of Islamic Council b) Organization of Islamic Cooperation c) Both a & b d) None

74- Correct the sentence:
a) My pen is superior than your pen.
b) My pen is superior than that of yours.
c) My pen is better to your pen.
d) My pen is superior to yours.

Part 4- Past Paper For the VO ship

75- The more we move upwards, the more it _ difficult
a) is becoming b) becomes c) has become d) became

76 شیخ ابراھیم زوق کس کے دربار کے ملک الشعرا تھے؟
a) جہانگیر b) سانف c) d) بہادر شاه ظفر

77- In MS Excel, Now() is used for __ time
a) Future b) Time at the opening of document c) current d) None

78- In MS Excel, which functions shows the highest value in data?
a) High(A1:A3) b) MAX(A1:A3) c) MAX(A1-A3) d) High (A1-A3)

79- In diabetic patients, which hormone is used to decrease glucose levels?
a) thyroxine b) insulin c) glucagon d) None

80- Marco Polo was:
a) traveler b) King c) Philosopher d) saint

81- Nip in the bud means:
a) destroy at start b) start newly c) ——— d) None

82- At arm’s length means:
a) At distance b) very near c) get close d) None

83- Which planet has no moon?
a) Saturn b) Earth c) Mercury d) Mars

84- Complementary strand for DNA having sequence AAACTTG:

85- Synthesis of RNA from DNA is?
a) Translation b) Transcription c) Transduction d) None

86- Disease organism present in a constant concentration at a given time in an area:
a) sporadic b) Endemic c) Epidemic d) Epizotic

87- A sudden increase in disease incidence in an area:
a) sporadic b) Endemic c) Epidemic d) Epizotic

88- In which animal urethral process performs the penile function?
a) Dog b) Cat c) Ram d) All

89- Broiler breeders start laying eggs at the age of:
a) 17 weeks b) 20 weeks c) 15 weeks d) 25 weeks

90- Which following steps can be taken to avoid endo parasites?
a) innovative use of GI drugs b) avoiding exposure to the local environment
c) Control from water resources d) All of these

91- The Soviet Union left Afghanistan in:
a) 1984 b) 1989 c) 1991 d) 1995

92- Evolution after several generations occur due to:
a) Gene modification in lab b) Natural selection c) Both a&b d) None

93- Rate limiting step in dopamine synthesis is:
a) tyrosine to DOPA b) DOPA to Dopamine c)———- d) None

94- Hemorrhagic lesions on the tips of the proventriculus are a characteristic sign of:
a) Avian Influenza b) ND c) IBD d) None

95- Which of the following pass through the Diaphragm?
a) Aorta and esophagus b) trachea & esophagus
c) trachea and vena cava d) None

96– Ultrasound frequency range:
a) 20-20000 Hz b) below 20 Hz c) Above 20000 Hz d) None

97- Acoustic impedance is dependent upon:
a) Intensity of beam b) Density of tissue c) Speed of beam d) All of these

98- The technique used to make exact identical copy of an organism is:
a) Cloning b) Outcrossing c) Inbreeding d) None

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I get past papers of the PPSC Veterinary Officer Exam?

Past papers are normally not available. Few candidates who have appeared in previous exams tried to gather the questions. You can access the sample papers which include the questions from previous papers.

What is the pattern for PPSC Veterinary Officer (VO) Exam?

The written test of the VO exam consists of an MCQ type paper. It has 100 marks and a 90-minute duration. 80 MCQs are taken from the courses of DVM, while 20 MCQs are from general knowledge, Pakistan studies, current affairs, geography, basic mathematics, English, Urdu, everyday science, and basic computer studies.