7 Signs to Tell If Your Female Cat is in Heat

Most owners are very curious about the life of their pet cats. They try to locate different signs that a cat is in heat. The first time these heat signs are like strange activities for owners. These heat signs are basically part of the feline estrous cycle (heat cycle). Cats are efficient reproducers and they usually repeat their heat cycle after every 14-21 days unless they become pregnant. During this time, they mate with any other male cat (tom). It is essential for owners to know the signs when their cat is in heat, if you got these heat signs then it will be helpful to manage and breed your cat.

Cats usually become adults at the age of 6-8 months, but it can vary with the breed and the environmental conditions. When cats become sexually mature, they start showing different heat signs.

What are heat signs in cats?

Heat signs are the behavioral modifications that the cat manifests due to hormonal changes during the peak time of estrus. Signs that show a female cat is in heat are listed below.

How long do cats stay in heat?

Cats show heat when they got sexually mature. Cats stay in heat for about 4-5 days during each estrous cycle. Each estrous cycle is repeated after every 14-21 days unless your cat becomes pregnant.

Many factors influence heat signs in cats. These factors include ­

  1. Food availability & Quality
  2. Light availability and duration
  3. Health condition
  4. Environmental conditions.

List of Signs When a Female Cat is in Heat

1. Cat is more vocal than normal

The most obvious heat sign is vocalization. This is also called calling. Your cat will moan or meow and it shows ur cat is in heat. Cats usually continue to vocalize for days unless they mate. This vocalization is a normal process, so do not worry about it.

Sometimes, cats vocalize due to other conditions also, but it is very rare. So consider other signs before finally concluding that your cat is in heat.

2. Cat is more affectionate

Your cat will be more affectionate than usual. She will try to rub herself with furniture, walls, toys, and maybe you. She will love it if you rub her under her chin. Try to distinguish this behavior from the restlessness that can be due to any pain or distress.

3. Cat is lifting her tail

You can notice the heat of your cat from her tail. Your cat will lift her tail and try to keep it in the air and on one side. Your cat can often bend in a posture assuming the mating position also.

4. Cat wants to roam outdoors

When your female cat is in heat, she may want to move outside from an indoor area. She will try to meet more males and find a suitable one for mating.  She will roam to open out her scent to maximum receptive males.

5. Cat grooms herself excessively

Cats are naturally good self-groomer. During heat signs, the genital area or vulva of cats is swollen. They lick their vulva for a longer time than usual as it is very uncomfortable for them. Spending more time grooming her genital area is a sign that your cat is in heat.

6. Cat is crawling

This crawling is a strange behavior that cats typically do not perform. They crawl by keeping their body low and flattened. This is also a sign that a female cat is in heat.

7. Loss of Appetite & Restless Behaviour

Restless behavior and a marked decrease in appetite are noticed during heat signs in female cats. This behavior may be due to hormonal changes and some pain in her bottom area. Loss of appetite is not a sure sign that your cat is in heat. It can be due to any disease and many other conditions.

Before making your final point about the heat of your cat, observe a minimum of 2-3 heat signs in her. If you do not know “what are the heat signs of a female cat”, it can be problematic. You may fear and try to get an appointment with a vet. So, knowing signs that a cat is in heat is very essential.

Do cats bleed when in heat?

The simple answer is “No”. It is not a normal process to bleed during the heat. So, if you find your female cat bleeding, contact your nearest vet as soon as possible.

Do cats have periods and menstrual bleeding during the heat?

The answer is “No”. Unlike the human female, the heat cycle of a female cat is called the estrous cycle instead of the menstrual cycle. There is no bleeding during the estrous cycle of a female cat.

Can a female cat be spayed while in heat?

A female cat can be spayed while in the heat but this is difficult as compared to spaying during the non-heat period. It is recommended to spay the cat during the non-heat period, as it saves money as well as it is more comfortable.

How to avoid the uncomfortable heat cycles of my female cat?

Spaying is the best choice to avoid heat cycles and prevent many other health problems for your cat.

How to avoid baby kittens?

The first option is spaying. If your cat is not spayed yet, keep your cat locked during her heat signs (heat period). It will help you to not get kittens.