Milk TS and SNF Calculator is a handy and easy-to-use tool for instantly calculating Total Solids (TS) & Solids Not Fat (SNF). This fat snf rate calculator is a suitable choice for people who are linked with the dairy industry or milk production and sale. It would be best if you learned about these abbreviations before using this tool.

  • LR (Lactometer Reading)
  • Fat% (Fat Percentage)
  • SNF (Solids Not Fat)
  • TS (Total Solids)
Milk TS & SNF Calculator Online,  fat snf rate caculator


  1. Only put your values in LR & Fat% input fields. Do not manipulate SNF & TS output fields.
  2. Manipulating SNF & TS output fields can disturb the accuracy of the results.
  3. If you have unintentionally manipulated SNF & TS fields, then refresh your browser window before using the ts and snf calculator again.

The Total Solids & Solids Not Fat Tool provides a fast and easy way to calculate the TS & SNF of milk. Using advanced algorithms, it quickly and accurately calculates the values of Total solids and Solids Not Fat in milk. Milk TS & SNF Calculator is perfect for dairy farmers and food industry professionals who need to accurately measure the total solids in the milk they produce and process.

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