Selection / Purchasing of Dairy Animals

In the process of dairy animals selection, the first step is breed selection. The breed should be selected after considering the following qualities or characteristics of the animals.

  1. Age of maturity (early maturity is favourable).
  2. Should have short dry period.
  3. Dairy animals should have shinning, bright eyes with lean neck.
  4. Should have better production with less feed intake (Good FCR).
  5. Animals should have well attached udder to the abdomen.
  6. Should have short calving interval.
  7. Udder should be well vascularized and milk vein should be well engorged.
  8. History or Pedigree sheet should be checked when purchasing animals from organized farms.
  9. Animal breed should be selected depending upon the environmental conditions of your farm & area.

Purchasing of Dairy Animals

  1. Before making purchase, make sure that the animal is healthy and active
  2. Check the animal in both standing and walking conditions in order to check any abnormality.
  3. Notice the BCS (body condition score) of the animal.
  4. Take the vaccination and deworming history of the animals, before their purchasing.
  5. Recently calved, animals of the 2nd lactation should be preferred to purchase.
  6. Animal should be purchased from the area that is specific for a particular breed and a reliable breeder.
  7. Animal should be docile during milking. At least milking should be done 3 times to check the average milk production of the animal.
  8. Newly purchased animals should be quarantined or kept separate for about 3 weeks from other farm animals. It would help to avoid the spread of any new disease.
  9. Ownership of the animal should be confirmed before making a deal. Deal should be documented and signed.

General signs/points to observe during the purchasing process

  1. Age (take help of dentition to avoid any misunderstanding)
  2. History (previous number of calvings, any disease history like mastitis, dystocia, ROP etc)
  3. Behaviour (check mobility, any abnormal gait, difficulty in standing., etc )
  4. Attitude
  5. Weight (Avoid emaciated animals)
  6. Body Score (it should range between 3-4)
  7. Skin Coat (it should be glossy, shiny, clean and free of ectoparasites like lice, fleas)
  8. Nose (Observe difficult breathing, discharge, coughing or wheezing)
  9. Eyes (should be bright, clear and without discharge)
  10. Udder (prominent milk vein, compacted udder with abdomen, well demarcated quarters of udder)