Top 5 Online Pets Stores in Pakistan

While buying any pet accessory in the local market, it is very difficult to choose the best shop. Similarly choosing the best online pets stores in Pakistan is also a difficult and hectic job. We should select the best pet shop online in Pakistan considering a few basic parameters. The availability of quality products, with minimum prices, on-time delivery, and quality customer service are one of them.

Every pet owner wants his pets to stay healthy and happy. The happiness of these pets depends upon the excellent environment provided by the owners and their attention to them. An excellent environment starts with clean & dry housing, healthy feeding, exercising, regular grooming, vaccination, & on-time proper medication when required.

Most owners try their best to provide a good environment and facilities for their pets. They use their best resources and are always eager to buy the best pet accessories and pet food from the best pet shops. They have the desire to select the best pet store and purchase the best pet food. A healthy diet and good housing are important parts of standard dog care and management.

Due to a busy life schedule, now most owners prefer to buy pet accessories and pet food through online pet stores. Pet store selection is a very time-consuming and difficult job, So here in this article, we are going to make this selection of the best online pet store in Pakistan an easy task.

Online pets store in Pakistan

Is online pets stores in Pakistan real or scam?

Currently, many real brands are working in Pakistan, that provide the facility of online pets shop. A few years ago, it was hard to say whether they are real or scams. But, with the increased trend of online shopping and with each passing day, the situation is totally changed. Now people are confident and they rely on online shopping. Even now, you should be conscious while buying anything online, you need to refer only reputable online pets shops in Pakistan. Generally speaking, it’s important to do your research before buying anything online. Read customer reviews, ask for recommendations from relevant people you know, and be sure to check the website’s policies before making a purchase.


Petsone is one of the reliable Online Pets Stores in Pakistan. Petsone has the availability of all famous pet food brands, like Reflex, Anko, Bavet, Birbo, Happy pet, Buyer, Bonnie Premium, Cool & Clean, Crunchy, Dele, Econature, Dr. Clauders’s, Dreamies, Fancy, Endi, Foxy Ferplast, Felicia, Felix, Gigwi Ball, Guupy, Gocat, Kemei, Hartz, Kind pet, Klumpy, Lonkeen, Inter nutri, Me-O, Mera, Meow Mix, Meow Fresh, Moggy, Mystic, NatureBridge, Mr pet, Nutrican, NutraGold, Pawscomfort, royal canin, taste of the wild, nutra gold, Mr pet, Josera, farming, goody, etc. Made in Pakistan food brands and their products are also available on this store. If you are a food seller, you can also contact petsone to sell your food on their platform.

  • Cash on delivery service is available
  • 24/7 customer support service through call/WhatsApp
  • Money back guarantee in case of issue
  • Have warehouses in 5 cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Rawalpindi)

2. Petsmania

The brands of dog food available on pet mania are BonaCibo, NatureBridge, Josera, Kennel, Mito, Wanpy, Felicia, PawPaw, Bioline, Birbo Premium, Jungle pet food, Nature’s Variety, Purina Bakers, Kaytee, Happy Dog, Happy Cat, Purina Gourment, Friskies, Ferplsat, Felix, Farmina, Dreamies, Klumpy, Diamond, and Bio petactive. Dog food, dog sweaters, dog beds & mats, dog treats, collars, leashes, harnesses, dog toys, cat food, cat litter, cat toys, cat crates and carriers, dog tag,s and all other pet accessories are available on this store.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Delivery is within 24-48 hours in Lahore and Karachi, while in other cities it can take 4-5 days.
  • It is one of the old online pets stores in Pakistan, working since 2014.


Pet food brands like Farmina, Bonnie, Royal canin, inter nutri, Diamond, Meow mix, Klumpy, and Dibaq are available. Cat food, cat litter, health, safety, and grooming products, house, cages, and all other pet accessories are available.

  • Free shipping on an order above RS-15000.
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • Cash on delivery is available
  • Bank transfer, easypaisa, jazzcash are available as payment method
  • 24/7 online support is available


Royal Canin, Reflex, Mera, NutraGold, Taste of Wild, Happy Dog, Pedigree, Diamond, Mr pet, Klumpy, Goody, Dibaq, Farmina, Bonnie, Remu, Me-o, Meow Mix, Whiskas, Inter Nutri brands are available on this pet store.

Dog and cat food, dry shampoo for cats, and other pet accessories can be easily purchased from this online pets store in Pakistan. At the platform pets hub, you can also buy and sell pets with credibility.

  • Cash on delivery only available in Lahore
  • Shipping is available only in big cities in Pakistan.
  • Have strict shipping policies (Read on their website before making an order)
  • Easypaisa, JazzCash, and Bank transfer can be used as money transfer ways.

5. Petsmall

You can buy Petline, klumpy, Royal Canin, Reflex, Mera, NutraGold, Farmina, Bonnie, Me-o, Meow Mix, Whiskas from petmall.

  • 100% Secure Payments by Cash on Delivery or via bank transfer and Easy pay payment Gateway.
  • Get Free Shipping on all orders over RS. 600 in Lahore
  • Free Shipping all over Pakistan on Online Payment Transfers.
  • 24/7 Online Customer Support

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Best Online Pet Stores/Shops in Pakistan?

1. Petsone
2. Petmania
3. epets
4. Petshub
5. Petsmall