List of essential equipment for clinical examination

Clinical examination is the most important, primary step towards diagnosis. It helps to find out the clinical abnormalities and risk factors that determine the presence of the disease. It helps to find the organ or systems involved, the type of lesions present, and pathological processes occurring in the body of the animal.

Different clinicians or veterinarians have their own ways and preferences to perform clinical examinations. But before this, they all require the assistance of few equipments to proceed further. Here we have mentioned a list of essential equipment for veterinarians, they need to perform physical examination of the animals.

  1. Scissors
  2. Forceps
  3. Battery operated hair clippers
  4. Sample bottles/vial
  5. Heparin
  6. EDTA
  7. Plain
  8. Sterile urine collection bottle
  9. Faecal sample pot
  10. Rotheras tablets for ketone detection
  11. Nasogastric tube
  12. Stomach tube
  13. Wide range pH papers
  14. Surgical scrub
  15. Thermometer (digital or mercury)
  16. Long stethoscope with a phonoendoscope
  17. Watch with a second hand
  18. Torch
  19. Paddle and Californian milk test reagent
  20. Plastic rectal gloves and lubricant
  21. Hoof knife, hoof testers and clippers
  22. Assorted needles and syringes
  23. Local anaesthetic with and without adrenalin
  24. Spinal needles
  25. Oral gag
  26. Vaginal speculum
  27. Ophthalmoscope
  28. Auriscope
Basic equipment for veterinarians