DVM Scope in Pakistan in 2023

In this article, I am going to describe all about the DVM scope in Pakistan. Here I will discuss the merit or eligibility criteria to apply for admission, the list of DVM offering institutes, subjects to study during the degree program, jobs opportunities for DVM graduates, and salary packages available for veterinarians in Pakistan. Before choosing any degree or career, we need to be well aware of its future market conditions. Also, proper aptitude or interest in that particular career or degree is essential to become a successful professional and living a happy life.

What is DVM in Pakistan? OR DVM stands for? OR Who is called a veterinarian?

     Let’s start with the introduction of the DVM degree and a veterinarian. DVM degree stands for doctor of veterinary medicine. DVM is a five-year degree program and it is offered by about 15 different universities or colleges across Pakistan. All universities have their own criteria for selection of students which will be discussed shortly. Most of you will be already familiar but before moving ahead, I want to mention here that DVM graduates are called Veterinarians (or Vets).     

       A veterinary doctor or veterinarian is a person who diagnoses and treats the diseases of animals. The job of a veterinarian is very challenging compared to human’s doctors. A veterinarian has to study a number of species (birds, mammals, canines, felines, reptiles .etc,), their physiology, anatomy, and all other aspects separately. While a human doctor has to study only one species (human). Dealing with animals is very difficult and it requires a lot of passion and patience to work in their environment. If you are not an animal lover/pet lover and want to opt for this profession, you should think carefully before making your final decision. Once you have decided, you will have to devote your entire life to this profession, so be careful.

dvm scope in pakistan
only a person that loves a challenge would take on a patient that cannot tell them where it hurts
  1. Why I should choose DVM?
  2. DVM offering universities in Pakistan
  3. Admission criteria for DVM
  4. Last year DVM merit of different institutes
  5. Subjects to study in DVM
  6. Fields to opt after DVM
  7. Jobs for DVM graduates in Pakistan
  8. Salary of a DVM graduate in Pakistan
  9. Veterinarian’s scope in foreign countries
  10. Does it worth becoming a veterinarian?

Why I should choose DVM?

Most of the pre-medical students are inclined towards MBBS and other fields of biology. The least number of students are showing their interest in DVM and they do not want to be part of this profession due to the word used for veterinary doctors (Dangar Doctor) in our community. We should ignore such words and the people that are spoiling our society. Honestly speaking, this profession is very noble and respectful. The veterinary profession has a vast scope and a healthy career for its graduates.

Due to the limited number of students showing their interest in DVM and vast job opportunities, this profession has still a rich scope in the future. In Pakistan, veterinary doctors are contributing to the sectors of poultry, fisheries, livestock, and many others. All these sectors have a major contribution to the economy of Pakistan and they are improving with the passing days. Livestock has a share of 11.53 percent in the GDP of Pakistan and about 8 million rural families are engaged in livestock production. Similarly, poultry is providing jobs to more than 1.5 million people and it has an investment of more than 750 billion rupees.

Admission criteria for DVM

Selection criteria of different universities comprise intermediate (FSC), MDCAT/NTS-NAT, and some universities have their own internal test for selection. You need a minimum of 60% marks in matriculation and intermediate to apply for the admission process. In most of these universities, admission application dates are open during the month of August. In UVAS Lahore, the aggregate formula for final merit consists of 30% from Matric and 70% from FSc. While other universities and colleges have their own distributions of percentages for final merit. Like in Gomal University, the expected merit formula is (20% Matric, 40% FSc & 40% Entry test.

Subjects to study in DVM

Here, I will list the major subjects that are included in the DVM degree. For details, you can visit the website of a particular institute and can search for their scheme of studies. DVM consists of 72 courses that comprise 168 credit hours.

  1. Veterinary Anatomy
  2. Veterinary Histology
  3. Veterinary Physiology
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Fundamentals of Livestock production
  6. General Microbiology
  7. Poultry production
  8. Animal welfare and ethics
  9. Pharmacology
  10. Veterinary Chemotherapy & toxicology
  11. Veterinary pathology
  12. Molecular biology
  13. Veterinary Immunology
  14. Veterinary Bacteriology & Mycology
  15. Livestock extension education
  16. Veterinary parasitology & protozoology
  17. Veterinary Helminthology
  18. Veterinary Entomology & acarology
  19. Veterinary Virology
  20. Livestock economics and business management
  21. Zoonosis and food safety
  22. Introduction to meat processing technologies
  23. Reproductive physiology
  24. Epidemiology and public health
  25. Anaesthesiology
  26. Veterinary medicine
  27. Veterinary surgery
  28. Theriogenology
  29. Diagnostic imaging
  30. Fisheries & Aquaculture
  31. Animal breeding and genetics
  32. Dairy technology
  33. Animal Nutrition
  34. Breeder & hatchery management
  35. Meat inspection and necropsy practice

Fields to opt after DVM

As already mentioned about the vast scope of DVM in Pakistan, here is the list of sectors in which a veterinarian can get a job or perform his duties.

  1. As a teacher in Universities & Colleges (Academia)
  2. At dairy farms
  3. At animal-fattening farms
  4. As captain doctor in the remount veterinary & farms corps (RV&FC) of the Pak Army
  5. Pet clinics
  6. Broiler farms
  7. Breeder farms and hatcheries
  8. Layer farms
  9. Disease diagnostic laboratories
  10. Veterinary research institutes
  11. In zoos, safari & wildlife parks
  12. Animal welfare NGOs
  13. Extension officer in the livestock & dairy department
  14. Veterinary officer (VO) in civil veterinary hospitals (CVH)/dispensaries
  15. Animal quarantine department
  16. Semen production units (SPUs) 
  17. Research centers for breed improvement & conservation
  18. Own veterinary clinics
  19. At studs /race clubs
  20. At kennel club
  21. Pharmaceutical companies
  22. Rabbit farms
  23. Abroad Migration

Closing Merit of UVAS DVM 2021

Main Campus (Lahore)

Male (Morning) = 96.44%

Female (Morning) = 97.92%

Male + Female (Evening) = 94.50%

CVAS Jhang

Male (Morning) = 95.25%

Female (Morning) = 97.12%

Male + Female (Evening) = 92.44%


Male (Morning) = 94.71%

Female (Morning) = 96.21%