A Textbook of Animal Husbandry Book PDF by G C Banerjee

A Textbook of Animal Husbandry By G C Banerjee has been divided broadly into six chapters. These chapters are dealing respectively with mechanisms of hereditary, reproduction, artificial insemination, animal breeding, animal nutrition, and dairy farm management. In these chapters, it is tried to represent the topics in a simple and classified manner, so that students with elementary knowledge in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics could grasp ideas. Animal husbandry books are an essential part of the agriculture and livestock society. Also, these animal husbandry books are the helping pillars for the students of veterinary and animal sciences.

In this animal husbandry book pdf, you can find the following topics as a veterinarian or veterinary student.

  • Cattle breeds and their characteristics,
  • Characteristics of important foreign dairy breeds,
  • Details about the buffalo’s origin, health, nutrition, artificial insemination, and breeding management.
  • Management and record of dairy farming,
  • Different housing systems for dairy cattle,
  • Male reproductive organs, female reproductive organs, reproductive hormones, reproductive physiology,
  • Composition and classification of different feedstuffs,
  • Metabolic pathways in the utilization of nutrients,
  • What is a balanced ration,
  • Basics of microbiology, physiology, and anatomy, and many more topics.
Animal Husbandry By G C Banerjee

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